VentiAir: HVAC units from the Jeseníky Mountains

Our company is a leading Czech manufacturer of air conditioning units. One of the goals of our company is the complexity of delivery. That is why we have built a production company with a complete portfolio of units which, at the same, time remains flexible in solving individual customer requirements. Thanks to this, we manufacture and supply units to many, not only European, countries.

We place great emphasis on minimizing of operating costs and therefore we approach to each order very carefully and always propose individual solutions tailored to the needs of the project. We also supply ventilation units, including measurement and control systems. That is why we have managed to build a strong position in the European ventilation unit market.

Our equipment is installed in various projects such as office buildings, schools, hotels, hospitals, sports facilities, banks, production halls, shopping centres, private and public swimming pools. See our reference projects!

We are a team of professionals who are able to meet the needs of customers to their maximum satisfaction. We are aware of importance of a good relationship between the supplier, the installation company and the HVAC designer, and so we approach to the business.

The figures speak for themselves


For 8 years on the market with a lot of experience and many satisfied customers.


We have already delivered 7,700 air conditioning units to our customers.


Our company already operates in 10 countries around the world.

Production area in Adolfovice

We approach each order very carefully and we always propose an individual solution tailored to the needs of the project

Security for you and your partners

Our units go through a complex product certification process from several certification authorities. Among the main ones we can name the authorized person 227: Research Institute of Civil Engineering - certification company and then the laboratories of the internationally recognized TÜV standard.

Part of the certification is also verification of the actual parameters of the products and comparison with the stated characteristics.

▴ Measurement of air performance of the device and comparison of measured values ​​with parameters specified by the manufacturer
▴ Measurement and control of parameters according to EN 1886 and EN 13053
▴ Measurement of noise characteristics and comparison of measured values ​​with parameters specified by the manufacturer according to EN 13053
▴ Comparison of technical data with valid legislation
▴ Regular annual supervision in production, repeated measurements

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In addition to the production of ventilation units, we also offer other services..

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Reference projects

View our reference projects across the Czech Republic, but also around the world.

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