Company presentation

Take a look at our production with a camera and get to know the modern environment where we produce VentiAir units for you. At the same time, we present the VentiAir product lines here.

VentiAir production plant

Compact unit with heat pump

Compact P-TYPE and K-TYPE units

Delivery of air handling units for GZ Media

Modern technologies in the VentiAir production plant

Compact P-TYPE K 900 unit

Delivery of air handling units for CTPark Prague East

Training and instructions

These videos will show you how to install and assembly VentiAir units and other interesting things. We will add videos gradually, or you can visit our YouTube channel.

Unit models for REVIT

Web interface CU24

Roof installation on outdoor unit

Revit family model

VentiAir design program

Changing of Impeller

RMC30 control panel menu

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