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Clear portfolio of the company

PDF, English, 400 kB

Reference list

PDF, Czech, 5395 kB

Company presentation

PDF, English, 1500 kB

Catalog of VentiAir units

PDF, English, 4600 kB


Compact units

CU24V1 control manual
PDF, English, 1177 kB

ERC20 control manual
PDF, English, 966 kB

CU24V2-L control manual
PDF, English, 2738 kB

RMC20 driver manual
PDF, English, 1011 kB

CUV24V-EX control manual
PDF, English, 2872 kB

Assembling units

El-PIAST MINI control manual
PDF, English, 2725 kB

Manual for HE module control
PDF, English, 679 kB

School units

ecoVENT MIDI control manual
PDF, English, 3861 kB

For designers

VentiAir Design Program Manual
PDF, English, 1196 kB


Product certificate
PDF, Czech, 6146 kB

TÜV certificate
PDF, English, 265 kB

ASEKOL certificate
PDF, Czech, 213 kB

Hygienic certificate
PDF, Czech, 280 kB

ISO 9001
PDF, English, 1844 kB


Declaration of Conformity
PDF, English, 204 kB

General Terms and Conditions
PDF, English, 210 kB

Service case report
PDF, English, 165 kB

Logo manual
PDF, Czech, 643 kB

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