Office buildings Šumavská


The complex consists of three high-rise buildings that were built in the 70s. An extensive reconstruction is currently underway which will turn this place into one of the largest administrative and community centres in Brno.

On a total area of ​​31,000 m2, modern offices, galleries with restaurants, a bank, a post office, a pharmacy and other shops are gradually being built.

The reconstruction includes a green zone or an exhibition gallery. The area will thus become a cultural and relaxation centre in the future.

Originally, the supply of only a few central air conditioning units was considered in the HVAC project, each of which would serve several floors.

In the optimization phase, a total of 18 units were designed, each of which will ventilate only one floor. The units are always located on the service floor. The advantage of this solution is the optimization of operating costs in the case where individual floors are used by other entities.

P-TYPE K units with high-efficiency counter-current recuperation exchanger have been delivered. A total of 18 pieces in building C. The delivery also included a CHÚC roof fan with an air flow of 60,000 m³/h.

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