Primary school in the town of Kladno, Norská Street, Czech Republic

Another primary school equipped with our school air condition units.

After successful deliveries to other Czech towns, as for example Frydek-Mistek, Vrchotovy Janovice, Dymokury, Dobra and others, we managed to complete the delivery of 41 pcs of VENTIAIR air condition units to the Primary School in Kladno, Norská Street. The T-TYPE school heat recovery air condition units meet high requirements for low noise levels and can be thus placed directly in the classrooms. In order to ensure maximum integration into the pleasant interior of the classroom, they are fitted with furniture panelling with decor according to the investor's requirements. To ensure safe operation, the units are fitted with a system to prevent unauthorised access to the unit and manipulation.

We believe that our VENTIAIR T-TYPE air condition units will make lessons as pleasant as possible for pupils and teachers alike.