RCI technology in VentiAir units

It may not be useful to speak about the necessity and benefits of regular ventilation. The AC units can shift ventilation to the next level and, if we use the RCI technology from ActivTek, we can already talk about air quality comparable to the air in nature.

These products are LEED certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design - the most popular green building certification in the world). Upon request, we can install it in all assembled and some selected compact units.

Active RCI (Radial Catalytic Ionization) technology is based on naturally occurring processes and takes advantage of the ionization properties which it combines with photocatalytic reactions of specific rare metals to achieve extremely high efficiency. After switching on, the UV radiation hits the honeycomb structure of the matrix, triggering chemical processes and the formation of superoxide and hydroxide ions which purify the air outside the ventilation system, directly in the room.