The construction of the ROZTYLY PLAZA office building in Prague has reached its final stage.

The building, located in the immediate neighbourhood of the metro station and the forest, was developed from the beginning with this context in mind. Technical equipment is being installed inside the building now.

Ventiair supplied 24 air handling units with flow rates ranging from 750 m3/h to 37.800 m3/h. There is a mix of both assembled and compact units - compact under-ceiling units primarily for retail. There was also a requirement for an extremely low noise level of the circulation unit for ventilation of the Atrium - 50 dB of acoustic pressure into the ductwork and 1m cladding, at a flow rate of 24.840 m3/h. Achieved with a maximum cladding 60 mm of mineral wool (80 kg/m3).

Our company appreciates the full participation in such a large modern project.