T-TYPE fits into every classroom - let our children not suffocate!

VentiAir T-TYPE are an ideal choice for fast and efficient solution to unsatisfactory air quality in schools. Their design allows installation directly in school classrooms, mainly due to very low noise level.

We produce air condition units with heat recuperation for schools in three sizes and they are designed for installation directly in the school classrooms. They are available in a stationary design, which guarantees easy installation - is positioned from the inside of the wall and is connected through the holes prepared in the wall. The under-ceiling design will be ready in the near future. The units meet strict requirements for low noise level, are secured against unauthorized entry into the unit or control, have an integrated by-pass damper, CO2 sensor, control system (including digital controller, calendar, manual control, off-set, control via Internet), additionally can be added heating, UV air disinfection, external exhaust and intake element. According to the customer's request, we will provide a special colour design, including decorative foils. Possibility of delivery of laminated cladding with wood decor. 

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