Training of designers and darts tournament in Brno

For the third time, we organized a training for designers with a darts tournament afterwards. We visited the cosy premises of Líšeň brewery in Brno where, in addition to friendly service and delicious food, we had the opportunity to taste great beer.

Our company was briefly introduced by the sales director Ing. Filip Hainall. Then, during the presentation, the participants learned more about the portfolio, regulations and we also watched some interesting videos from the finished projects.

The darts tournament itself went quite quickly and I dare say we all had a good time. Congratulations again to the winners.

  • 1. place Dipl. Ing. Josef Jančík
  • 2. place Dipl. Ing. Patrik Konečný
  • 3. place Dipl. Ing. Bronislav Kubík