Training of designers and darts tournament in Slovakia

On Thursday, 16 june 2022, another training session for HVAC designers took place at the Tatra Hotel in Bratislava.

The first part was a short introduction of our company, followed by a presentation where the participants had the opportunity to learn more about the product portfolio, design program and regulations. This time, a few people from realizations joined to expand their horizons. The lecturer was the Sales Director Dipl. Ing. Filip Hainall and specialist for Slovakia Ing. Božena Jackulíková.

After refreshments, the darts tournament began and congratulations to the winners once again!

  • 1. place Dipl. Ing. Peter Obert
  • 2. place Dipl. Ing. Vladimír Vaňo
  • 3. place Dipl. Ing. Marek Vass