Use of UV-C lamps

Using germicidal ultraviolet UV-C lamps, the air supplied to ventilated rooms is much cleaner and safer and helps to reduce the so-called sick building syndrome.

In general, this improves the health (prevention) and well-being of people living in ventilated rooms without harmful ozone. The manufacturer states:

  • 90-99.9% of microbial inactivation
  • radiation dose high enough for strict operating conditions
  • fluorescent lamp life of approx. 18,000 operation hours

This healthier alternative to chemical disinfection which, thanks to the use of UV-C lamps, does not lead to the formation of chemically resistant biofilms, is suitable for use in all living areas. It works on the principle of dividing UV radiation into several wavelength ranges, here using the wavelength 254 nm, maintaining a constant power output throughout its lifetime. In the right concentration, it attacks the DNA and RNA of the virus, killing or inactivating it and disinfecting the air.

UV-C lamps can be powered separately or from a switchboard, depending on customer requirements. With the assembled units, the installation is made directly in the equipment, for the compact units as a separate element.