Small recuperation unit with plate recuperator
up to 1000 m³/h

▴ 6 sizes for use in any project
▴ Counterflow recuperation exchanger with high efficiency or rotary one
▴ Economical EC motors

Basic description

▴ Compact air handling unit with heat recovery
▴ Designed for indoor use
▴ For ventilation of family houses, offices, shops, restaurants, etc.
▴ Integrated control
   - Digital controller
   - Calendar, manual control, off-set
   - CO2 inputs, humidistat, external switching of max. speed
   - MODBUS RTU, Ethernet - control before the Internet
▴ Filtration class standard F7/M5 - other variants possible
▴ Possibility of heating and cooling (water / electric / direct evaporation)

Blocks of REKU-TYPE 900 units (DWG)
Other documents can be found in the Download section.

Technical Specifications

Example power curves

Table of technical parameters

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