VentiAir controller with graphical visualization

We bring you a new regulation and a modern control panel which will impress not only with its exterior, but mainly with its functions and intuitive operation.

New configurable controller CU24V2 for our air handling units. Its rich configuration options allow to use it in most HVAC applications. The controller is supplied together with a 4.3” RMC30 wall-mounted colour controller which allows you to control and adjust the controller and control the unit. This panel is equipped with an innovative intelligent interface for simple and clear setting of the unit and navigation in the system menu. This new solution also includes integrated help which shows the user how to use the control and explains the designation of parameters, so there will be no need to consult the settings. A list of inputs and outputs of the selected application is available together with a description and visualization and can be displayed when connecting the device to the controller.

The great advantage of the modern control panel is its basic screen which contains all the most important information about the air handling unit and allows direct editing of setpoints such as temperature, fan speed, work program and unit on / off without having to go through other screens and to search this information.