Nová Role and Zborovská in Kuřim

Currently, many reconstructions of primary and kindergartens are taking place, also thanks to the grant programs of the European Union. Part of the project is the insulation of the outer skin of the building and possibly the replacement of windows with tight ones with better insulation properties. Unfortunately, this prevents the natural circulation of fresh air through the original leaks and the reconstruction must be supplemented by the installation of forced ventilation systems.

In the case of the Nová Role and Kuřim kindergartens, small local units were chosen in the project to ventilate each room separately. This system has the advantage of minimizing piping and saving operating costs.

Small ceiling units P-TYPE K 400 with a flow rate of 350 m³/h were delivered for the ventilation of individual classrooms of the Nová Role kindergarten

For ventilation of classrooms of the Kuřim Kindergarten, P-TYPE K 600 and P-TYPE K 900 units were delivered in a total number of 8 pieces with flow rates of 500 and 800 m³/h.

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