VentiAir was the silver partner of the Greenway 2020 symposium

Our company took the opportunity to cooperate in the preparation of one of the most important events of the year.

Unfortunately, this year, due to the recent situation with the spread of COVID19, it was not possible to organize the event to be in person, so there was no opportunity to meet our partners. On the other hand, participation in the online form was still abundant - about 450 followers.

The central theme of this year's symposium was mainly the issue of ventilation and air conditioning in connection with the spread of the disease caused by coronavirus COVID19. Sales director of our company Dipl. Ing. Filip Hainall gave a presentation on the Impacts of the Pandemic on the Design of HVAC units in which he summarized the basic principles of designing assembly units so that the ventilation system eliminates the risks of disease spreading as much as possible.

As a second input, a presentation was prepared on the topic of the most common mistakes in the design of air handling units, during which the VentiAir design software and its possibilities were introduced.

Interested parties, especially designers, have the opportunity to gain access to this program and design some types of units from a wide portfolio of the company